The SAGE Alumni is made up of students who passed through the SAGE programme during high school in different parts of Nigeria. The Alumni is tasked with the mandate of mentoring SAGE Teams in schools in their communities by providing them with much needed guidance in starting and managing businesses as well as initiating and completing community service as well as environmental projects that will benefit the people in their community.

SAGE Nigeria Alumni Structure

The Alumni is headed by the National Coordinator appointed by the SAGE Nigeria Office and is assisted by regional coordinators .Each state (excluding the FCT) is coordinated by the State Coordinator who is assisted by Local Government Coordinators.


  1. Mentor a school
  2. Community service engagement
  3. SAGE StartUp Friday
  4. Business Exhibition
  5. Business Pitch /Incubation

Mentor A School Program

The “Mentor A School” program is designed to allow every school participating in the SAGE program have access to the experience and knowledge of former SAGE students. Alumni members are trained on methods to guide and assist school teams in idea conceptualization, business plan writing/implementation, presentation and various other skills.

Community Service

The Alumni as a body of social entrepreneurs is mandated to carry out regular community service projects in communities to better the life of those living there and their environment. This they can do in collaboration with the various SAGE teams in the communities. The projects done under community service would be done at a National level, State level and Local Government level. Projects done would have to be sustainable and suitable to the individual communities selected for the service.

SAGE StartUp Fridays

Our Startup Fridays is meant to assist young entrepreneurs, Alumni members, SAGE Advisors and the general public interact, share ideas, brainstorm, network all in the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship. This event would hold once a month and would attract professionals who would show attendees how to grow their startups, promote existing businesses and generate new concepts.


Quarterly Exhibitions would be held for both Alumni members and SAGE teams to enable them promote their business, ideas and benchmark each other. Angel Investors and Business Experts would be invited to provide advice and invest in businesses of their choice. Media houses would also be present to showcase the ideas and businesses of those present to a larger audience.

Business Pitch

Alumni members who have developed a business plan but can’t access funds to startup their businesses would be given an opportunity to do so. Business Pitch competitions would be organised for members of the Alumni to convince a panel of selected judges that their ideas deserve a predetermined amount of Startup Fund. This event would be open to only members of the Alumni that have been paying their monthly dues for about a year and have participated in community service projects in their various locations for the same duration of time.

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