What Students Learn?

After completing the program, students will know:

  1. How to discover what they are good at doing and how to turn it into a socially responsible business idea.
  2. How to write a business plan.
  3. How to raise funds to finance the business.
  4. How to invest this money to pay for the business’s start-up costs.
  5. How to operate the business.
  6. The notion of risk and return.
  7. That ethical decisions are good decisions.
  8. That even though some businesses will be unsuccessful, this doesn’t make the student a failure.
  9. Why paying taxes is essential to a well-functioning democracy.
  10. How elected officials decide how to spend the tax money that a business has paid to the government.
  11. The three main types of “for-profit” business entities.
  12. That there are businesses whose purpose is to improve the community; these are social enterprise businesses.
  13. The importance of oral and written presentation skills to “sell” the idea to prospective funders.