Johnson Anuoluwapo from Homat Group of Schools

Johnson Anuoluwapo from Homat Group of Schools asked a question from Obasanjo that what was the greatest mistake he made during his tenure. The answer to this question made a major headline news.

  • The Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, expressed that his greatest mistake was picking up the deputy President ticket when he was about to be crowned the number one citizen. He expressed gratitude to God for  saving him from such mistakes which he tagged very important.
  • Speaking further at the event, Obasanjo advised the students not to see their own religion as superior to that of another person.He said: “I have no right to say that another man’s belief is inferior to mine.“If God had wanted all of us to be of the same religion, he would have made it so and since He did not make it so, no person should attempt to make it so.