The 2023 Innovation Edu-Tour is inspired by 21st-century education.  It is designed to bring classroom learning to life. The tour presents students with immersive journeys aligned with diverse school curricula and packaged to tap into their potential and spark their creativity.
Through seven-day well curated educational program centered around innovation and entrepreneurship, students and schools get the following benefits:

  • Catch a glimpse of the future through a myriad of fun learning experiences, and explore how they can play a part in building a better world.
  • Connect with global experts, explore different career paths, and opportunities.
  • Become Global Citizens by learning about other countries and cultures
  • Networking and planting the seeds of friendship with people across the world.
  • Access remarkable real-life case studies of the latest inter-disciplinary ideas, complementing and enriching existing curricula.
  • Experience the most exciting technologies and groundbreaking innovations the world has to offer, from 5G to AI and green tech
  • Explore how entrepreneurs and changemakers strategize to deliver the most meaningful impact in their communities, companies, countries and the world.
  • Attend Tech Innovation Workshops and acquire Global Certifications
  • Tour the City of Dubai and enjoy with friends and family
  • Win prizes and medals!
  • A unique vacation opportunity for families